Life Is Tough

Sometimes when life gets tough it can be difficult to find someone that understands you. It can also be hard to find a space where you can speak freely and really explore what’s going on with you. All these overwhelming feelings can mean speaking to someone close to you is the last thing you want to do. We want to help you move past these feelings…

About Therapy

We know that although topic of mental health is being normalised there can still be some stigma around talking about it. This can sometimes lead to confusion on where of who to turn to for support.

If your not comfortable talking to friends or family then you may want to consider speaking to us in a free and caring environment.


Choose Therapy

We get people come to see us for all sorts of reasons. It may be you are experiencing a particularly difficult time in your life and would like some support finding your way through it. Or it may be that you’re looking to examine your life on a deeper level and need help making those changes to fulfil your potential. And some people or couples come to see us if they are relationship problems, past or present.

Some come to us with ongoing difficulties that they have been struggling with for a long time. For others, a period of crisis brings them to therapy. Many are suffering from work-related stress, or just because they feel as though life is getting on top of them.

Whatever the reason, we find that speaking to one of therapist helps alleviate some of the stress and worries that come as you navigate your way through life.

What We Do

We have over 20 highly skilled and experienced therapists including; Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Counselling Psychologists and Mediators.

We take the time to get to know you and your difficulties, we then tailor a bespoke programme to your individual therapeutic needs. This includes finding the right therapist for you.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Integrative Counselling

Psychosexual Therapy

Low Cost Counselling


We Do It

Our centre offers a unique space in which you are invited to speak about anything that has been gone on in your life in a free and open way.

We help you gain a different perspective on your life. Most importantly, it’s about becoming more comfortable with yourself.

We do this by helping you overcome issues that you feel are holding you back and ultimately making your head a more peaceful place to live.


This can help you see your current situation in a new, more positive, light. We help give you the tools to approach life with depth and clarity.

As you spend time with us you will change old and unhelpful perspectives about yourself. We introduce new and better feelings towards all the facets of yourself.

We want to help you make positive, profound and longer terms changes. We hope these changes last a life time.

Let's Talk

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