Transactional Analysis 

Transactional Analysis (TA) is designed to promote personal growth and change by helping individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and outcomes. 

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Transactional Analysis (TA) is designed to promote personal growth and change by helping individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and outcomes. TA therapists use many techniques that have associations in other psychological disciplines including Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural, Relational and Person-Centred therapies. As such, Transactional Analysis is a highly flexibly modality that enables clients to analyse and change their lives.    

Central to TA theory is the concept of ego states (Parent, Adult and Child).   Analysing Ego States helps to separate the past from the present in order to identify how individuals are communicating and how better outcomes may be achieved.  Part of this process involves looking at Life Script is a limiting survival plan developed in childhood that can be changed. Also key to TA theory is the concept of Psychological Games.  Games are cyclical patterns of unresolved communication that are acted out in relationships with others, often leading to unhealthy communication.  In TA psychotherapy we learn to be more aware of Games and find healthier ways to communicate and get our needs met.  The ultimate goal is to ensure that individuals regain absolute autonomy over their lives and improving their relationship with self. 

 At The Henry Centre our TA therapists work creatively and therefore the sessions can take on many forms.  We might be loosening up Life Script where clients ultimately experience a sense of freedom and autonomy.  Sessions could involve giving voice to the Child Ego State leading to a feeling of relief and spontaneity.  Or our focus might be to improve communication which simply makes life a bit easier!  Whatever your area of work, TA always follows an important guiding principle of mutual respect and equality.  We call this, ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’.

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Transactional Analysis  

 TA is designed to promote personal growth and change, often using psycho-educational techniques to enable clients to embed the theory into their own lives.  

 Transactional analysis can be particularly useful for helping clients to understand relationship patterns  and identifying difficulties with communication.  

TA can be appealing to some people as it uses easy to understand language and tends to  be solution focused. 

Transactional analysis

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