Counselling & Psychotherapy

 Our centre is a private psychotherapy & counselling practice in the Southend area. You can find us within the Old station house at Westcliff-on-Sea train station.

About Us

We are a Counselling and Psychotherapy service providing care to individuals, couples, children and young people, in Southend as well as across Essex and London. At the Henry Centre we put great care and attention into everything we do, because everyone we see here are very important to us.

We provide effective, high-quality, professional therapy for adults, children, couples and families. Our therapists have been carefully selected to ensure that all of the team work to the same high standards. Our therapists come from various training backgrounds and cover a broad range of specialisms, enabling us to tailor our work to your individual needs.

We specialise in all types of mental health difficulties including anxiety and depression, as well as personal and professional development. Our clients come to us from Southend, across Essex and London. The practice is located at Westcliff-on-Sea train station in what used to be the station house.

We are directly adjacent to the main ticket office making us ideal for commuters. We are open from 6am until 10pm, seven days a week (by appointment only). This enable us to provide appointments for the early birds that would like to us before work, or for those who require later appointments. We also have therapists available for day time and weekend appointments, what ever suits you best. Our customers are welcome to use the car park at the station for a fee or there is also free parking nearby.



As with all the elements of our therapeutic approach, we have paid careful attention to every detail of your therapeutic experience. The centre has a calming and homely feel, in which you are able to feel safe, held and invited to explore your difficulties.

We have carefully thought about the details in the design of our rooms which are all comfortable, inviting and beautifully decorated. The setting and ‘feel’ in which we have therapy is very important to our work. This, along with the relationship that you develop with us, are the corner stones that make the situation of therapy so unique. It is this environment which provides the containment and feeling of safety that enables you to explore feelings that at times can feel very unsafe.

We want you to feel safe, secure and thought about. Very often when people come to therapy, they are revealing parts of themselves and their story that they have perhaps never before discussed with anyone. Although this is part of the process, it can at times feel vulnerable or anxiety provoking. It can take time for you to build up a relationships with us in which you feel comfortable to share on this level. We have done our best, to firstly create a space which lends itself to feeling contained. But also, to uphold the best standards of ethical practice at all times.

We have things in place to make sure that when you agree to work with one of our therapists, you are seen at an agreed time and day for all of your appointments. When you are offered a space, this is yours until you no longer need it. Making sure that the care you receive is consistent and professional from start to finish.

Employee Support & Assistance 

We offer bespoke Employee Assistance/Support Programs to help organisations provide emotional support to their employees. Very often employees find it very difficult to communicate when they are experiencing difficulties in the workplace or with personal problems that in turn effect their performance at work.

Work related stress, bereavement, ongoing medical issues or other personal difficulties are all issues we are able to provide compassionate help with. Our focused approach helps you find real solutions to real problems, providing an effective and positive impact on emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of care and professionalism in a warm and approachable way. From the moment you make contact with us and throughout your therapeutic journey, you can be assured that we practice the highest standard of ethical standard and best practice.



Our dedicated space for children and young people, has been specifically designed to be more appropriate for a younger age group. We have toys, drawing materials and other things designed to engage children in a more visual and experiential way.

Therapy for children should be a safe place, where they feel relaxed and free to explore and be creative. Children will usually be invited to play, draw and encouraged to explore the space in a way which helps them to express themselves creatively.

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Westcliff Centre: The Old Station House, Station Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend, Essex, SS0 7SB
01702 814044

Chelmsford Centre: Rochester House, 145 New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0QT