Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy looks to help those who have been hurt as a child by both adults and the circumstances around them. Those looking for Inner Child Therapy could have been hurt in many different ways including; physical or sexual abuse, death or abandonment by a parent, neglect, rejection, criticism, humiliation, bullying, denial or confusion.

The Theory

Inner Child Therapy works on the theory that all of us have an inner child and the child we once was did not just vanish as we become adults, this can sometime lead to needing some help to nurture that child out again. inner child therapy aims to return to that part of oneself that was damaged at an earlier stage of development.

Often when children experience harm in childhood this is internalised as shame an guilt, leading to a feeling of not being ‘good enough’ this is a feeling that can be carried through into adulthood and inform our interactions with others. Sometimes this childlike part can be repressed leading to inhibitions and a lack of freedom to be oneself.

At other times it can mean it is difficult to process emotions in an objective way or or to know how to take care of oneself emotionally. In inner child therapy, your therapist will work closely with you in order to go back to a time when damaged was caused helping you to ‘re-parent’ yourself, from and accepting and loving place and encourage you to take care of the child within.

how we work 

Inner Child Therapy

Here at The Henry Centre we work with you to identify current bad habits as well as looking at past trauma points which restrict your inner child to come out. This will help you to begin to feel again and over time to begin to have fun and enjoy life to the full. You will no longer have to worry about that empty or numb feeling as you rediscover that inner child within you. We work in a safe and encouraging environment, looking to help your wants and needs as you overcome your particular issues.

Helps With

Inner Child Therapy can be suitable for helping a range of psychological issue including:

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