While we all like to believe in ourselves and can sometimes display some degree of narcissism from time to time for some this feeling can be permanent. These people carry around an inflated feeling of self importance wherever they go, this can lead them to be preoccupied with power and personal adequacy.

Narcissism can make it difficult for individuals to function within relationships and other areas of their life such as work and school.

Because narcissists have an inflated and distorted self image of themselves they tend to believe they are superior than others, this can lead to complications when interacting with others and lead to destructive relationships.

Their feelings, opinions and interests become more important than those around them which quickly leads to conflict and they may find it difficult to empathise with others.

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We find though that underneath this hard outer shell there tends to be a softer core which needs sometimes suffers from low self-worth and insecurities. We work with you to show you how to change these behaviours and positively relate which those around you. Common symptoms we see from narcissists include:

  • The belief that they are better than others
  • The need for constant attention
  • Preoccupation with intelligence, success, power and ideal romance
  • The belief they are special and that only other special people/institutions will understand them
  • The belief they should be given preferential treatment
  • They lack of empathy and disregards feelings of others
  • They take advantage of others to reach their own goals
  • Are often envious of others and/or believes others are envious of them
  • Arrogance

Your Next Steps

At The Henry Centre we recommend those that are suffering from narcissism to explore psychodynamic therapy.

We also see from time to time people who have been affected by people who show narcissistic traits, we recommend those people take a look at our relationship problem therapy.

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