Read some of the experiences our past clients have had at The Henry Centre.

I was very anxious about going to counselling, I’d put it off for years. I knew it might help me, but I was was really afraid.
When I met my counsellor Natalie she really put me at ease. The room was lovely, and comfortable and I found I just naturally began to open up about my difficulties.
Looking back I wish I hadn’t put this off for so long! I’ve worked through some difficult feelings and feel so much better for it!
When my wife suggested we go for couples therapy I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do less.. I was not up for it at all. We stumbled on for several more years, and continued to not see eye to eye, making each other feel miserable until my wife stated if we did not get help we would have to consider separating.
I finally agreed, but was very sceptical.
I was very reluctant to talk about ‘our business’ with a complete stranger, but Natalie clearly understood this, and helped me to feel more comfortable with it.
We attended sessions with Natalie for six months, and the change in our relationship is fantastic. We still have our difficult days, but who doesn’t? We just have a better understanding of each other now, and feel like a partnership again. Yes, I would definitely recommend Natalie’s services, she is very down to earth, and we needed that. Thank you
I decided to go for counselling when my family began telling me they were worried about me and suggested I might need help. I was overeating, and drinking alcohol daily, but didn’t really consider it a problem. I knew I was unhappy though.
My counsellor was Natalie, and I explained to her I didn’t really know why I was coming here.
Natalie seemed to know exactly how to to help me to talk about my issues, but at the same time I felt safe and okay doing it.
It’s been really hard at times, I’ve cried and I’ve got angry, but Natalie always helped to feel I was doing well. I am now able to see how unhappy I have been and how my addictions were a symptom of that. I have been able to make lasting changes in my behaviours with Natalie’s support and finally feel positive about my future.

I had a difficult upbringing and have always had a hard time getting to know people, making friends, and had never had a lasting romantic relationship. Although I was very scared about it, I decided to look into counselling to see if it might help me.
It was really hard at first, I was quite panicky at times. Natalie was so patient with me. She had a way of being so calm and just ‘normal’, she didn’t use fancy language that I couldn’t understand, she really made me feel like she understood me. This was a first for me.
My experience of counselling has been a very positive one. I’m still learning about myself, but I have more people in my life now and am feeling much more hopeful about life.
I’d been for counselling once before and never felt like it ‘worked’. I had a negative view of it and although I was struggling in my work and personal life, I didn’t think counselling would help.
My girlfriend had said to me to try again, and showed me Natalie’s website. I could see she had a lot of training and experience and started to think, with my girlfriend’s encouragement, that I’d maybe I’d go to see her.
I have had only 7 sessions so far, and have already learned a lot about myself and why I have been struggling so much. Natalie has a way of making me just feel okay to talk about things I’ve not been able to before.
Yeah I feel good, I feel like things are getting better, and my girlfriend agrees!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me during our time together it means the world to me in more ways than you’ll ever know

I’ve been meaning to drop you a message for a couple of weeks…Its just over a year since I started therapy with you, and just wanted to say thank you again! I was apprehensive as to how I would do the rest of my journey without you, but since leaving therapy in May I have lost 3 stone in weight, joined the gym (something I definitely wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before!) and set up my business, which has taken off really well. I have even solved all of the health problems now (Thank god! )
Everyone has commented on how much happier and healthier I look recently. I am happier than I ever thought it was possible to be, and I have you to thank. So I just wanted to say the biggest thank you again…For helping me change my life and be the person I’ve always wanted to be! You are very talented, and it’s clear you love your job…I couldn’t be more grateful to have met you! Thank you.

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